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Customized services

Please contact us if you have any special requests, which are not listed in our schedule of services and if we can assist, we will provide you with a customised package.

Walks to Wag About…

Prices vary depending on your requirements. Please get in touch for your personalised quote

Dog Walks With a Difference!

Having your best friend exercised while you are at work, due to illness, adding to your family or many other reasons is no longer a luxury but something many people do to enhance their busy lives and relieve the pressure that is placed on so many of us these days. Regular walks for Cujo has many benefits including maintaining a healthy weight, fosters good behaviour, relieves boredom and stress.

We use long leads and harnesses and often put your dog in the car to take them for a walk away from Suburbia, barking dogs, busy roads and boring sights and smells. This minimizes stress on your dog and allows them to explore at their own pace and take in their surroundings using all their amazing sensory abilities resulting in a much more relaxed, satisfied and calmer Cujo.

Fitness Club

Creating mentally and physically fit canines.  This is our regular walking service. This exciting club is popular as it provides huge discounts on walks as well as other exclusive perks and saves you from having to book at the last minute. Each walk is 30 minutes and restricted to dogs from the same household only ensuring that your dog gets our undivided attention.

Occasional Walks

Away for a week and don’t want to rely on the kids or friends to walk Cujo? Occasional walks are for you! Each walk is 30 minutes.

These visits have restrictions and are for the same household dogs only, ensuring that your dog gets our undivided attention.

Enrichment Visits

Prices vary depending on your requirements. Please get in touch for your personalised quote

Have you added a new puppy to your family and need help with toilet training and cooperative care? Have an indoor dog who needs some TLC while you are at work or have a crated dog that needs some special care?

Our Enrichment Visits are for you!

A typical visit involves us entertaining your four-legged friend. It may be with a variety of mental and physical activities that are sure to leave them tired and satisfied, cooperative care to assist you, or just some extra company and cuddles. This is popular with puppy parents as our Enrichment visits compliment your toilet training efforts and provides another outlet for their never-ending energy. Don’t have a puppy? That’s ok, our Enrichment visits are also popular for your “failed foster” or indoor dog. We can also assist you in any rehabilitation efforts if you have a crated dog at home who requires attention when you can’t be there.

These visits are available Monday – Friday between 11.00 am – 2.30 pm. Get in touch if you require tailored options.

Vet Visits

Prices vary depending on your requirements. Please get in touch for your personalised quote

We’re here to help

Sometimes getting your pet to the vet can be difficult. Work and life can get in the way. Cujo’s Pet Minding is happy to help by safely transporting your pet to and from the vet. If an emergency vet visit is required during our other services, we don’t charge for getting your pet to medical attention.

Coaching, Talks & Presentations

Sharing our life with dogs is a privilege. Thre’s an incredible relationship that forms and when the human side of the relationship is more aware, both sides thrive. Behaviour is both the lock and the key. When you understand your behaviour, you hold the key in your hand.

Vicki is available for Private 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring as well as customised group talks & presentation for your workplace,  office or community event.

Energy Therapy…

Experience mental and emotional balance through Energy Therapy. This medical device works at a cellular level to stimulate and heal cells. Packages for people and pets available.

*Prices are a guide only and may vary depending on your individual requirements and number of pets.  Public Holiday Surcharge is applied as a per visit cost.